Reason #9 Why You Should Do A Marathon

As you may or may not know (I hope you know!) I’m doing the 2013 Dallas Marathon. I though each week I would list one reason why you should do one also!  So without further delays I give you reason #9………………


To get in shape!

Let's get physicalThink about it, 18 weeks, lots of running. How can you NOT get fit!?  Each marathon schedule typically ask you to commit at least 4 days a week to running. At least 3 miles and up to 20 miles on the weekends.  Training for a marathon increase endurance, gives a you a great cardiovascular workout, increases your mood and energy.  It’s like a wealth of health benefits just waiting on the other side!!  Yes 26.2 miles is a long ways, but the benefits and glory out weighs it all!  So what are you waiting for?!!? Go sign up for one now!!

Dallas Marathon Sign up here


Jack feels the need to run and go  sign up for the Dallas Marathon with me!