Reason No. 8 Why You Should Do A Marathon

Every week until my marathon in Dallas (Dallas Marathon) I’ll do a countdown as to why you should do a marathon. Some reasons are derived from my personal experience and others are reasons I’ve picked up from other marathoners.

This week, Reason No. 8,  For The Nostalgic Feeling

2013 Dallas Marathon
Make this your memory!

See this picture below……….


 This is a picture promoting the Nike Women’s Mararthon 2013 (I have no affiliation with them) and in 2011 I ran the 2011 Nike Women’s Marathon. I’ve been down this street you see above.  When I see pictures of San Francisco I suddenly get swept back to that day and that morning and that weekend. The sites, the smells, the interactions with people. It’s a feeling that no one can take away. To me, it’s almost a surreal memory.  Unless the person sitting beside me was there and experienced that with me, there’s a very good chance I’m  owning that moment. I can’t describe it but I can feel it.  It’s like wanting to take a picture and capture that very moment so everyone can relive it with you but they can’t. Unless you’re just phenomenal with a camera, capturing that moment just the way you see it and feel it is almost impossible. It’s something that is just ingrained into your mind and heart.

I’ve ran the Chicago Marathon. Let a movie have a scene in Chicago going across Wabash Avenue Bridge and suddenly I’m running there all over again! Same with Philadelphia. I see scenes in movies or ads in magazines or even fall leaves and  instantly I’m running in Philadelphia all over again. And don’t get me started on Memphis, TN!  The ST. Jude’s Marathon running through the campus of St. Jude’s as those precious ill children are standing there cheering ME on. What?!?! They’re there fighting  hard battle and I’m just there running but they came out to cheer me on. That’s a moment I can never forget nor do I want to. All I could do was cry because I wanted to tote all those children with me so they could see the sights and sounds with me.

All these places and memories play out in my head like  movie.  I can’t wait to go to Dallas and record a new set of memories. I can’t wait to come back and try to describe it but words and pictures won’t be able to. It’s a “you gotta be there” and “you gotta do it” kind of thing.  Trust me, I’ll do my very best to rake over every moment so that hopefully one person is motivated enough to go back and run the course I did and try to capture one of their own memories. To feel like I felt that day. Why do you think so many marathoners go on and on about their experiences. Because they want you to feel and see what they did . The only way you can is if you actually go do it.

So do it for the nostalgic feeling. Do it so you can see a picture of a place and time where you ran and you know that you’re the only person in the room that truly appreciates that picture and that memory.  It’s not just a picture but it’s a recording of your accomplishments.

You can join me at the 2013 Dallas Marathon  by signing up here!

Race memories below:

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