Reason No. 7 and No. 6 To Run A Marathon

Every week until my marathon in Dallas (Dallas Marathon) I’ll do a countdown as to why you should do a marathon. Some reasons are derived from my personal experience and others are reasons I’ve picked up from other marathoners

Yes, I missed a week in posting. No excuses just got behind. Waaaayyy behind!   So let’s get right to it!

Recap of reasons why you should run a marathon………

No. 11………..The Races Are Fun 

No. 10………..It Keeps You Accountable

No. 9………….To Get In Shape 

No. 8………….For The Nostalgic Feeling

No. 7 ………….To buy new running clothes!  

So I was asking a couple of my girlfriends why they run and specifically why they run marathons and the  big answer (not No. 1 though!!! I’m saving that one) is to buy an outfit! Call it cheesy call it what you will but you know how we ladies are (and some of you gentlemen) it doesn’t take much us to declare we need a new outfit. Running  a marathon is no different!  Trust me, I’m already planning my race day outfit.  Arm warmers or not (by the way, Nathan’s has some really cute pink ones) and then do I wear a race skirt or capris.  Just a number of options and it’s must to always look your best no matter what. Don’t wanna look like you got dressed in the dark!!

No. 6………….You Need A Challenge

Sure you could run another 5k or go take on an amazing Zumba class but you know deep down inside you need more. You need to push yourself like you never have before. You need to see what you’re made of. A marathon will get you there.  I’m not ashamed to say that marathon training has pulled out my ugliest side and caused me to cry. When I’m hard pressed and pushed, it’s just not pretty. Marathon training can do that. Sometimes not to the extreme of crying HOWEVER it can help you push your limits and before you know it, your thinking about taking on an ultra.