Faucet Face Water Bottles GIVEAWAY!!!

I love fun. I love quirky. And…….I love water bottles.  Peeps, check this out…………

Faucet Face

Aren’t they just THE BEST?!?! Okay so the fine folks at Faucet Face provided these for me to use and review AND GIVE ONE AWAY!!


 How cool are they?!?!

So I know, you’re asking, “What’s so great about these?”

  1. They’re glass
  2. They’re BPA FREE  (WHOOP WHOOP)
  3. Each bottle you buy helps provide a minimum 100 liters of clean water for families in India

Another amazing thing about these is how thick they  are…………

Faucet Face

The fine folks at Faucet Face created these delightful water bottles to help promote drinking water and to help promote using LESS plastic bottles.  Then they decided to give back by giving a portion of the profits from each bottle go to making biosand filters. And if you buy 5 bottles directly from their site an entire filter will get made!  Here’s a more in depth explaination……….

On the outskirts of towns in the Thane district in Maharashtra, India, many residents drink and bathe in contaminated river water. Since they live in remote areas, it’s impractical for the government to install plumbing going to their homes.
Without a safe water source, many are forced to use nearby river and surface water which is contaminated with worms, parasites and bacteria. It causes dysentary, cholera, and diarrhea. In India diarrhea alone causes more than 1,600 deaths a day, many of which are children under 5.
So how do you create a long term sustainable water source for these residents when it’s impractical to install plumbing? We believe part of the solution involves BioSand filters.
BioSand Filters
A BioSand water filter is a simple concrete container. It houses several layers of sand which trap and eliminate sediments, pathogens and other impurities from the water. As the contaminated water travels through the layers of sand, it gets cleaned.
The filter is relatively inexpensive to construct, costs nothing to operate and is easy to maintain. Most importantly, they eliminate 90-95%† of impurities from the water.
Our non-profit partners at TMA, employ locals in India to create the filters and then distribute them to families in need.
Often when one family gets a filter, their neighbors see first hand how effective they are and they want one as well! As one villager put it “Filter is like round o’clock doctor who save us from waterborne disease.”
When you buy one, two, three, or four bottles, a portion of sales will be combined with those from other customers to make one filter. When you buy five bottles a complete filter will be manufactured and donated on your behalf to a family who needs it.

So why would you want to buy one?  You’re promoting a good cause (water filters for those that need them), you’re promoting using a more Earth friendly way of taking in nature’s liquid goodness!

 So without further ado……………..This water bottle is up for grabs!!!


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